Could your home be an
Eco Home?

Would you like to be an Open Eco Homes host and share your experience with others? Visitors will really appreciate it! They’ll love finding out how you save energy and make your home more comfortable.

Download our guide, watch our videos, read Nicola Terry’s blog on being a host. If you’d like to know more contact us, talk it over or tell us about your home in this short form. 

We’re looking for a wide variety of interesting (not perfect!) homes

We’re looking for

  • new builds, especially small ones
  • older and improved
  • low-cost or rented
  • work-in-progress (if safe!)
  • homes that demonstrate many ways of saving energy and cutting carbon emissions, whilst making homes more comfortable.

For example:

  • low-cost or DIY energy-saving measures
  • good insulation & controlled ventilation
  • new technologies & renewable energy
  • reused & low-carbon building materials
  • smart behaviour that saves energy
  • integration with a low-carbon lifestyle (food, transport, water use, etc)

What does being a host involve?

Being an Open Eco Homes host is good fun and easy. All we ask you to do is make your house and yourself available for two days in late September/ early October and help us create a case study for visitors by answering some questions. On the day you’ll give up to four pre-booked tours of your house, normally with a maximum of 8 people on each tour.

We’ll do everything else – take bookings, advertise the event, provide you with a volunteer steward if you need one. We’ll also invite you to a hosts social prior to the event and a post event hosts party. 

Or can you suggest someone we should ask? contact us